Total Health ~ Mind Body & Soul

I'm SO happy to be back to blogging and sharing my health and wellness journey here!! My previous website got hacked into and ruined. So sad! Why do people do that?! Who has the time or energy to go about destroying other people's property? I have no clue and can't wrap my brain around it BUT I'm moving FORWARD and happy to be BACK and on a platform thats totally protected! :) 

The past few months have been a bit of a rollercoaster ride with trying to figure out whats had me feeling "off".  I had completed another 90 Day round of P90X, stuck to using the 21 Day Fix portion containers and started to feel great but wasn't seeing much physical results which wasnt adding up because I was sticking to it! I started Intermittent Fasting which ill be writing a whole other blog post about because I truly love it and plan to stay committed to that for the long haul! I started Hammer & Chisel last month and only have two weeks left to complete it but have been SO exhausted that I finally found myself at a Natural Health Dr's office. Im not one to go to Dr's but this was long overdue. I filled out a 10 page questionnaire that went over everything from my diet/bathroom habits/stress/medical history etc!! My first appt was last week and I left with orders to get blood work done, I took a saliva test, I had an iodine patch on my right arm, got acupuncture for the first time and LOVED it, got an adjustment on my spine and was super tight, was prescribed Natural Calm every evening, to take an Omega 3 pill daily, and an all natural multi vitamin along with my daily Shakeology

Yesterday I went back to get the results of the blood work and it came back that I'm severely Vitamin D deficient and Anemic which = WHY I've been SO exhausted!! A couple other things were that I had very little stomach acid and that my thyroid was producing enough hormones but my body wasn't breaking them down well? It was 5 pages of confusion and I did my best to take it all in!! There was lots of good news such as my LDL being better than perfect, my red blood cell count was perfect but my white was low. We haven't got the saliva test results back just yet so i'll be going back next week to get those and find out about my adrenals. In the mean time, my Dr wants me to calm down on the 6 days a week of intense workouts and cut that back to 3 days a week along with some Yoga which I'm pretty excited about! Tomorrow morning sounds like the perfect time to jump in and start Beachbody's 3 Week Yoga Retreat alongside my hubby! 

3 Week Yoga Retreat

As an online health and wellness coach I never want to workout alone so I've created a new group  over on Facebook for those of you who like to work out with others even if we're spread all over the US and Canada! Thats how I got in the best shape of my life 3 years ago and decided to become a coach to help others do the same! This group is going to be 21 Days long and centered around the 21 Day Fix / Using the Portion Containers / drinking lots of H2O! / having FUN / getting FIT for Fall and skinny jeans and boots ready / utilizing the free 30 days of OnDemand and getting in some yoga each day and reaching our GOALS together!!!  

Fit For Fall

For the rest of 2016 I'm EXCITED to dive into finding out was TOTAL HEALTH looks like for me and helping my challengers do the same!! Mind Body & Soul. Doing things that I love while sharing every step of the journey to help anyone along the way! I'll be getting out into nature a lot more, going out on my paddle board, bike riding, starting each day with meditation/visualization/ and yoga and looking for my TRIBE to join in on the JOURNEY! If you've ever wondered if online coaching is for you, message me! Let's chat and see if this whole Momprenuer ~ Life By Design gig is something you'd be interested in!! <3