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Calling all my MAMA Friends!

Calling all my MAMA friends!! 

Now its your turn! 

Are you ready to end this year by taking a leap and starting something NEW even if the only thing you receive is looking and feeling YOUR best!? 

I haven't done one of these free groups in awhile but with all the questions / messages and emails I get I thought it would be the perfect way to answer ALL OF THEM at once! :)

If you've wondered if Coaching is for you, even in the slightest, message me to get added to this group. 

Nope, I wont just go adding you without your permission. Not my style. ;)

Ive been coaching for just over 3 years and have met some of my favorite people! We'll actually be having Thanksgiving at our friends house who we never would've met without this little gig. :) It's helped me to stay consistent and accountable to my own fitness goals while I lead monthly groups helping others. Those groups aren't just for my challengers! I need them too! :) Its afforded us the ability to send both of our kids to private school and be fully present as a family. We've been able to take so many trips over the past few years and if they weren't free/earned trip from Beachbody, we payed for them in cash. For this Mama who has a desire to travel at least once a month thats been a huge blessing! It took the pressure off my hubby who was building a brand new business and we were living paycheck to paycheck while his company was growing. There have been so many wonderful benefits to my families life because I decided to take that same leap to become a coach. I simply had the heart to help others and the goal for me was just ONE PERSON. Thats all I said to Jared when I decided to do it. I said, id be SO HAPPY if I could touch someones life the way mine has been. That one person has turned into hundreds and I'm sure thousands at this point as my team Free&Fit and I continue to help so many people each month!

I have to add ~ Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. You gotta work but YOU get to decide how big you want to grow your business and ill help provide you the tools! <3

Now is the time friends. 

Let's end this year together starting something NEW and head into 2017 making it our best year yet! Are you ready!? Head to over to the MY TEAM tab to apply!!