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Why we ALL should be drinking Shakeology!

Before getting my hands on Shakeology I wasn't a "shake person" either!! I maybe had tried a slim-fast here and there but knowing what I know now that wasn't doing me any good! Im just one of those gals who likes to chew my calories! hehe.. But, in the Summer of 2013 I was in school at nights for nursing and homeschooling my kids during the day and just not feeling so great at all. I was only about 10 lbs overweight but I was so uncomfortable in my own skin.. So after seeing my sis in law sharing her results with P90X and Shakeology online DAILY I had to message her and find out more.. Im a super skeptical person so at first I wasn't on board. But I told my hubby Im gonna just COMMIT to this for 30 days and see where that takes me.. Well, the REST IS HISTORY!!! I ended up losing all 10 lbs in that first month of drinking Shakeology along with eating healthier, drinking more water and exercising daily!! It changed my life in every good way and I fell in love with the products and the process I went through to lose the weight and change my mindset so I became a coach too to be able to help others just like I had been helped!! 

Here are 8 reasons WHY we all should be drinking Shakeology modified from the Beachbody blog!! Ive been drinking it for over 4 years now and if Ive ever had a short period where I stopped for whatever reason, my body is NOT happy with me! I get sick easier, go back to having digestive issues, find that I over eat and crave sweets again and overall just plain miss it!! If you have more questions or want more info about it feel free to reach out to me HERE!!!! 


1. Shakeology Is More Than Just a Protein Shake

Yes, Shakeology is definitely a great source of protein, with 16 to 17 grams of protein per glass (depending on the flavor); that’s about the same amount of protein you’d get from eating three eggs! 

And it has not just one type of protein, but a blend of globally harvested protein from whey, pea, sacha inchi, chia, flax, and quinoa.

But Shakeology isn’t a typical protein shake.

“In addition to the protein blend, it also has a bunch of awesome fruit and vegetable based ingredients in it,” says Paige Bente, M.S., R.D., C.S.S.D., and nutrition manager at Beachbody.

“There are ingredients with antioxidant properties like green tea, pomegranate, vitamin A, and rose hips. There’s a super-green/phytonutrient blend, and also a blend of adaptogens that have been traditionally used to help your body react to stress. And there are probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes that are really important for gut health, ” she adds.*

This superfood protein shake can give you a head start on the nutrients you need for the day and to help you get through your workouts.*





2. Shakeology Can Help Curb Cravings & Help You Lose Weight Like it Did For ME! 

Losing weight would be so much easier if the foods we want were the foods we need — but, sadly, it doesn’t work that way.

We all know how to lose weight — eat healthy food, watch our portion sizes and exercise more often — but it can take serious willpower to reach for something nutritious when your brain is telling you to eat all the Halloween candy.

If that sounds familiar, think of Shakeology as a secret weapon to help you stay on track. “Shakeology helps reduce appetite and increase satiety,” Bente says. “It’s helpful in reducing the desire to eat and reducing the amount eaten at the next meal.”

And if you’ve got a sweet tooth that won’t quit, Shakeology can help satisfy it in a healthy way. “As part of a healthy diet, Shakeology can replace foods that are higher in calories but lower in nutrients,” Bente says.

So the next time you’re tempted to hoover a tub of chocolate ice cream or down a sugary latte, whip up a Mint Chocolate Shakeology smoothie like I do!! 


3. Shakeology Can Help Take the Stress out of Meal Planning

Meal prep can help you lose weight by taking the guesswork — and the last-minute, “hangry” decisions — out of eating healthy.

But let’s be honest: Some days you’re inspired to cook a healthy meal, and some days you’re just… not.

On those days, when you’re not feeling the greens, Shakeology, when added to a meal, can help you sneak more plant-based nutrients into your diet. (That can be especially helpful if you’re not a huge fan of veggies! 

And if your cooking skills are limited, Shakeology can help with that, too:

There are a ton of delish Shakeology recipes out there, so it’s an easy way to add more variety to your meal plan, even if you’re not a master chef.


4. Shakeology Is an Easy Grab-and-Go Food

When life gets hectic, it can be hard to find time to whip up a healthy snack — and you may be tempted to grab a bag of chips because it’s a cheap, easy option.

But Shakeology can help quell your snack attacks: It only takes a few seconds to mix Shakeology with water for a quick snack to tide you over until you can make or find a healthy meal.

So in less time than it takes to pop into a convenience store for a snack or wait in line at the drive-thru, you’ll be sipping a healthy shake that’s loaded with nutrients — and makes you feel way better than greasy chips or fries would.

5. Shakeology Is a Solid Source of Fiber

Each scoop of Shakeology contains 4 to 6 grams of fiber (depending on the flavor), which is key to a healthy diet —especially if you’re trying to lose weight! 

Fiber helps support healthy bacteria in your gut, move waste through your digestive system, and helps you feel fuller.

6. Shakeology Can Help Jumpstart Clean-Eating Habits

Whether you’re doing a program like Clean Week or just trying to cut processed junk out of your diet, Shakeology fits in your plan.

It doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or preservatives, and it delivers superfood ingredient powders to help maximize the nutritional value of each ingredient.

“Beachbody is really careful about where we source all of our ingredients,” Bente says. “Many of these botanicals are from whole plants that have been dried and ground into a powder, and then put into Shakeology.”

7. Shakeology Actually Tastes Good!

Shakeology comes in five yummy flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Greenberry, and Café Latte — so even if you’re just mixing it with water, there’s a flavor you’ll actually enjoy.

There are also FOUR Vegan Options : Chocolate Vegan, Vanilla Vegan, Café Latte Vegan, and Tropical Strawberry.

8. Shakeology Can Help You Break Out of the “Kale Salad” Rut ;) 

Listen, I love a good kale salad as much as anyone else. But it’s easy to fall into a rut of eating the same healthy staples over and over and over again.

And even your favorite fruits and veggies can get a little boring if you eat them

So if you feel like you’ve been walking through the produce aisle on autopilot lately, Shakeology can help you shake things up a little bit. “Shakeology gives you a broad base of fruit and veggie ingredients, including a lot of things that most people don’t eat on a normal basis,” Bente says.

Think about it — when’s the last time you picked up reishi mushrooms, chlorella, or bilberries at the supermarket? One scoop of Shakeology contains all of those superfood ingredients and more, so you can enjoy their healthy benefits every day.

8 Reasons WHY we should ALL be drinking Shakeology! 

8 Reasons WHY we should ALL be drinking Shakeology! 

Calling all my MAMA Friends!

Calling all my MAMA friends!! 

Now its your turn! 

Are you ready to end this year by taking a leap and starting something NEW even if the only thing you receive is looking and feeling YOUR best!? 

I haven't done one of these free groups in awhile but with all the questions / messages and emails I get I thought it would be the perfect way to answer ALL OF THEM at once! :)

If you've wondered if Coaching is for you, even in the slightest, message me to get added to this group. 

Nope, I wont just go adding you without your permission. Not my style. ;)

Ive been coaching for just over 3 years and have met some of my favorite people! We'll actually be having Thanksgiving at our friends house who we never would've met without this little gig. :) It's helped me to stay consistent and accountable to my own fitness goals while I lead monthly groups helping others. Those groups aren't just for my challengers! I need them too! :) Its afforded us the ability to send both of our kids to private school and be fully present as a family. We've been able to take so many trips over the past few years and if they weren't free/earned trip from Beachbody, we payed for them in cash. For this Mama who has a desire to travel at least once a month thats been a huge blessing! It took the pressure off my hubby who was building a brand new business and we were living paycheck to paycheck while his company was growing. There have been so many wonderful benefits to my families life because I decided to take that same leap to become a coach. I simply had the heart to help others and the goal for me was just ONE PERSON. Thats all I said to Jared when I decided to do it. I said, id be SO HAPPY if I could touch someones life the way mine has been. That one person has turned into hundreds and I'm sure thousands at this point as my team Free&Fit and I continue to help so many people each month!

I have to add ~ Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. You gotta work but YOU get to decide how big you want to grow your business and ill help provide you the tools! <3

Now is the time friends. 

Let's end this year together starting something NEW and head into 2017 making it our best year yet! Are you ready!? Head to over to the MY TEAM tab to apply!! 

New Supplements in the Mix and FIGHTING to end this year STRONG!

After only a week on all of my new supplements Im starting to feel amazing!! Whoop whoop! :)

I recently found out that I'm Vitamin D deficient, Anemic and have low stomach acid. All of which are causing fatigue and the stomach acid is giving me some digestive issues.

So, once a day I take each of these and I'm making sure to get to bed early so I can wake up nice and early for my Yoga Retreat.

We have one week left of the 3 Week Yoga Retreat and then I cant help myself ~ Ive gotta FIGHT to end this year STRONG!!

It's been a bit of a doozy and Im not gonna let it end this way! Sometimes we cant control the things that happen to us or around us BUT we CAN control the controllables and a couple of those are how ACTIVE we get and what we put in our bodies! Right!? :)

So starting November 7th I'm personally committing to Core De Force, the anticipated MMA style workout that you can do right from your own home. Its a 30 day program and I'm going ALL IN from start to finish!!

Do you feel like you're in a fitness rut or looking for something new?

The New CORE DE FORCE and it's explosive mixed martial arts-inspired total body workout will have you blasting fat and leaning out in no time! Yea baby!

Just 30 minutes a day and killer results. The brand new program launches November 1st!!! 

I'm SO excited for this one!!

This is what can happen in just 15 days if you go all in. Commit to pushing play everyday, shakeology once a day, and following the amazing nutrition plan that comes in your challenge pack!!

Core De Force is designed by Beachbody Super Trainers Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews to blast fat and carve your waist in just 30 days - with no equipment. Awesome for all levels of fitness and a great way for you and I to work one on one together right from the comfort of your home. I will be here the whole way to guide you throught the program!

Here's a TEST GROUP Participants {Round 1} transformation of Core De Force!

Here is what Jenni said ~ 

"I seriously can NOT believe the way this program is reshaping my body! I was blown away when I put these pictures next to each other today!

Down 8.6 pounds and 13.5 inches! Over 3 inches off my waist and hips, and over 2 inches on each thigh! More than the weight and inches lost though is the confidence I'm regaining! Showing up for myself, and taking care of ME, has been the biggest blessing of all! I'm happier inside than I've been in a long time!"

I'm hosting an accountability group over on FB for 20 women to commit alongside! I know, I know Thanksgiving is in the middle and everyone can take that day to enjoy all their favorite family foods! I'll probably plan to stay on track and keep my Thanksgiving meal healthy and simple. Im SO EXCITED and READY to end this year STRONG!! There's no need to wait and set some New Years Resolutions for 2017 when we have TWO WHOLE MONTHS to commit togehter and get some amazing results!! If you'd like to be considered for this test group go HERE to apply! 


Total Health ~ Mind Body & Soul

I'm SO happy to be back to blogging and sharing my health and wellness journey here!! My previous website got hacked into and ruined. So sad! Why do people do that?! Who has the time or energy to go about destroying other people's property? I have no clue and can't wrap my brain around it BUT I'm moving FORWARD and happy to be BACK and on a platform thats totally protected! :) 

The past few months have been a bit of a rollercoaster ride with trying to figure out whats had me feeling "off".  I had completed another 90 Day round of P90X, stuck to using the 21 Day Fix portion containers and started to feel great but wasn't seeing much physical results which wasnt adding up because I was sticking to it! I started Intermittent Fasting which ill be writing a whole other blog post about because I truly love it and plan to stay committed to that for the long haul! I started Hammer & Chisel last month and only have two weeks left to complete it but have been SO exhausted that I finally found myself at a Natural Health Dr's office. Im not one to go to Dr's but this was long overdue. I filled out a 10 page questionnaire that went over everything from my diet/bathroom habits/stress/medical history etc!! My first appt was last week and I left with orders to get blood work done, I took a saliva test, I had an iodine patch on my right arm, got acupuncture for the first time and LOVED it, got an adjustment on my spine and was super tight, was prescribed Natural Calm every evening, to take an Omega 3 pill daily, and an all natural multi vitamin along with my daily Shakeology

Yesterday I went back to get the results of the blood work and it came back that I'm severely Vitamin D deficient and Anemic which = WHY I've been SO exhausted!! A couple other things were that I had very little stomach acid and that my thyroid was producing enough hormones but my body wasn't breaking them down well? It was 5 pages of confusion and I did my best to take it all in!! There was lots of good news such as my LDL being better than perfect, my red blood cell count was perfect but my white was low. We haven't got the saliva test results back just yet so i'll be going back next week to get those and find out about my adrenals. In the mean time, my Dr wants me to calm down on the 6 days a week of intense workouts and cut that back to 3 days a week along with some Yoga which I'm pretty excited about! Tomorrow morning sounds like the perfect time to jump in and start Beachbody's 3 Week Yoga Retreat alongside my hubby! 

3 Week Yoga Retreat

As an online health and wellness coach I never want to workout alone so I've created a new group  over on Facebook for those of you who like to work out with others even if we're spread all over the US and Canada! Thats how I got in the best shape of my life 3 years ago and decided to become a coach to help others do the same! This group is going to be 21 Days long and centered around the 21 Day Fix / Using the Portion Containers / drinking lots of H2O! / having FUN / getting FIT for Fall and skinny jeans and boots ready / utilizing the free 30 days of OnDemand and getting in some yoga each day and reaching our GOALS together!!!  

Fit For Fall

For the rest of 2016 I'm EXCITED to dive into finding out was TOTAL HEALTH looks like for me and helping my challengers do the same!! Mind Body & Soul. Doing things that I love while sharing every step of the journey to help anyone along the way! I'll be getting out into nature a lot more, going out on my paddle board, bike riding, starting each day with meditation/visualization/ and yoga and looking for my TRIBE to join in on the JOURNEY! If you've ever wondered if online coaching is for you, message me! Let's chat and see if this whole Momprenuer ~ Life By Design gig is something you'd be interested in!! <3